The Fireside Company: Sustaining The Fireplace Heritage

calendarJuly 24, 2020

The fireplace is one tradition that has lasted and survived the Stone Age up into this present time. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors relied upon holes to create fireplaces. It was a necessity, serving as the main source of heat for the home. At other times, it was used for cooking. In these present times, although the fireplace still finds use as a source of heat in most homes, it is slowly transitioning into a form of luxury for most.

Having a fireplace in your home is still a trend that isn’t going out of fashion. For many families, fireplaces are a great place to lounge around, telling stories and generally reminiscing about the good old days. Properties owners are beginning to understand the need to sustain this tradition and that is why all new houses are having fireplaces installed as part of their overall design. That is why it is important to choose the right fireplace to match your taste and lifestyle.

Tips On Selecting The Ideal Fireplace


Choose The Best Fireplace Dealer Around

When it comes to selecting the ideal fireplace, it’s important you get your fireplace from the best manufacturers available. That is why you need Fireside – the fireplace specialist. Fireside is a company that understands the tradition of a good fireplace. With over 30 years experience in the fireplace industry, it is a company that discerns the needs of its customers, delivering the highest standards of designs. Fireside manufactures its own fire surround under the best craftsmanship, churning innovative products that have loved up to the expectations of its clientele over the years.

Choose the best kind fireplace suitable for home

There are different kinds of fireplace. There are the wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces. The type you end up choosing depends on your style and needs. Whatever type of fireplace you need, Fireside has got you covered. There are a wide range of wood burners, gas fires and electric fires. There is also a standby fittings team ready to install these fireplaces wherever you are in Scotland. Fireside prides itself as the only Scottish company that manufactures its own fireplace here in Scotland. Therefore, you don’t need to go far to find the best manufacturer around.

Choose a type of fireplace product

Do you need a fireplace, an emission stove or an outdoor fireplace for a quiet evening on your patio? All your needs can met at the Fireside whose collection of over 300 different designs of Fires and Fireplaces will leave you spoiled for choice. There’s a top-notch product recently unveiled at its Glasgow store – the new Electric Fire studio. You might want to check that out too.

Narrow your search 

Now that you may have decided on the above, its time to narrow your search to the type of finishes you want. You might decide for a customized finishing. Fireside will meet your needs in that aspect also. They offer a bespoke service that can be custom-made and tailored to meet your style, personality, and one that’s in tune with the decor of your home.
Finally, at the Fireside, fireplaces are like a heritage that we’re out to sustain and preserve. We’re in the business of turning your house into a home. You’re welcomed to visit our showrooms in Glasgow and Edinburgh. We’re sure you would find what you’re looking for.


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