Hearth and Home: The Enduring legacy of Fireplaces

calendarJuly 24, 2020 warm fireplace

I’ve always been fascinated with fireplaces. We had one in our home while growing up and I can remember sitting all day by the fireplace, just staring at the fire, watching it consume everything that crossed its path. Children have always been fascinated by fires. Fire is one colourful and dynamic element that readily captures their interest. As I grew older, this practice has not left me. I still sit by fireplaces, reading a book or enjoying a glass of wine. The crackles and flickers they make can be meditative for me. Besides that, there is this warmth and cosiness that a well-made fireplace can add to the home.

I think I’ve carried my childhood fascination with fireplaces to adulthood. That is why there was no hesitation on my part to add a fireplace to my home once I could afford a property of my own. Friends and guests to my home are always wowed by the certain ambience surrounding my home due to my custom-made fireplace. For me, only the best fireplace would do, that is why I had my stunning fireplace built and designed by Fireside – The fireplace specialists.

Fireside is a company specialized in the design and installation of one of the best fireplaces around. They’re located in Scotland. Some say the fireplace tradition in homes is dying. With showrooms located in Glasgow and Edinburgh, showcasing the wide range of fires and fireplaces designed to suit any home and budget, Fireside is leading the revolution towards changing this tide.

Why Your Home Needs A Fireplace

Fireplaces are symbols of the centre of a home, and they represent warmth and security. The old phrase, ‘hearth and home’ come to mind. Fireplace technology has changed over the last few years, with new designs springing up amidst the traditional fireplaces we’re used to. This change in trends means people need to be reminded just why that fireplace should stay and why they should opt for one.

A Good Investment

A fireplace can shoot up the price of your home. According to a study corroborated by the National Association of Realtors, a fireplace adds about 12% to the selling price of a home. A fireplace can indeed be a good investment.

Reduce Energy Cost

Do you want to cut down on your energy bills? Then you should really consider installing a functional fireplace. During the cold seasons, it provides heat and can be a cheaper alternative to electricity.


A beautifully designed fireplace, especially one designed by experts from Fireside, can bring a certain glow and ambience to your home. Who wouldn’t fancy a sitting room with a fireplace where you can relax after the day’s stress? I thought as much.


Compared to other heating options, wood burning is eco-friendlier. Wood is a natural fuel; therefore, no harmful emissions are released in the process of burning.

Contemporary vs. Classic

Advancements in fireplace technology have made it possible for different styles of fireplaces to be set up, ranging from the traditional, down to the elegant and contemporary, and everything in between.

Fireside has got you covered with over 300 designs of fires and fireplaces. Products on offer include wood burners, gas fires, and electric fires. There’s a recent addition to their Glasgow store – the latest model of the Electric Fire Studio.

Why Opt For Fireside?

Being in the business for over 30 years should count for something. Within that period Fireside has been able to build trust and a stellar relationship with its customers, helping them to turn their properties into homes. So, what sets Fireside apart from the rest? They design and manufacture their own fire surrounds in their Glasgow factory, ensuring a quality product is designed and delivered to its customers.

Are you in need of custom products and services? Then you can be assured of their bespoke service which takes your personal style, size, and choice materials into cognizance. Are you interested in installing a fireplace in your home or refurbishing a pre-existing fireplace? Then contact Fireside – the fireplace specialist. You would be glad you did.

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