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Fireplaces have been a common scene in homes since the pre-medieval period. They serve as heat sources on a cold winter night, stoves for cooking and even a space for laundry drying. Over the centuries however several modifications have been made to its use and general appearance whereas the mode of operation remains largely unchanged. They could be made of stone, metal and a host of other materials. Fireplaces create a cozy and romantic environment for our out of work relaxation. Most fireplaces include a hearth, a chimney, a lintel and a filter. However, the features vary based on the type.

Types Of Fireplaces

There are majorly three types of fireplaces: Wood burners, gas fires and electric fires. Wood burners like the name suggests uses wood and other associated materials like charcoal but the gas fires utilize flammable gases such as methane. On the other hand, electric fireplaces which are now the ‘in-thing’ use electricity. Due to the nature of their construct, they do not require as much space as the other two.

History Of The Electric Fireplace

The electric fireplace was invented around 1912 but only became popular during the ‘50s. They have been modified from simple add-ins to full fledged electric devices over the years. These modifications were all targeted at improving their heating efficiency while reducing the electricity cost.

Advantages Of An Electric Fireplace

Unlike the wood burner and gas fires, electric fireplaces do not require a chimney as they are smokeless. This also implies that one need not fear about carbon monoxide poisoning or inhalation of toxic fumes. They are also safer and more convenient unlike the other two types. This is because their maintenance and installation cost is cheaper compared to wood and gas fires. Electric fireplaces can last a good deal of time too with little issues. Electric fireplaces also offer a variety of design choices which do not affect their usability. This means that you can worry less about how your new fireplace will affect the aesthetics of your home.

Drawbacks To Electric Fireplace Use

The major disadvantage to the use of an electric fireplace is the cost of electricity in most cities. This also draws attention to the fact that in the absence of electricity on a cold winter night, your fireplace will be inactive. Also electric fireplaces cannot be exposed to adverse weather conditions. However, these drawbacks cannot be compared to the style and safety it adds to the home when compared wood burners and gas fires.


In all, electric fireplaces are much more convenient especially in rented spaces, they are cheap and can run all day (if you wouldn’t mind the energy cost). Electric fireplaces also decrease the chances of intoxication and has been known to be eco-friendly unlike the burning of fossil fuels. So you can join the trend of electric fireplaces today and get a bespoke custom service from fireplace specialists’ showrooms. These fireplace stores such as Fireside fireplaces in Glasgow and Edinburgh can let you choose your own design and I hope you get a pleasant fireside experience.

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Electric Studio – Coming Soon calendarJuly 24, 2020

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