Coronavirus Stay-at-home: Fireplace Advantages

calendarJuly 24, 2020
Introduction: The Pandemic

As the world is ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home order in most cities is being extended, most people get bored since they are temporarily out of work. This change in lifestyle therefore begs the need for a suitable COVID-19 lockdown activity with our loved ones. These activities have to be interesting, innovative, educative and most of all profitable on the long run. Several activities which one may engage in include games, movie nights (and days especially for people who did not work from home) trying out new recipes e.t.c.

The Fireplace

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we tend to forget an integral part of our homes during the spring and summer periods: the fireplace. Traditionally, the fireplace has been known to create a relaxing environment in our homes. A place where families can relax, play games, tell stories and even do other fun activities of their choice. These activities are however usually limited to the colder periods of the year (winter). During this pandemic, families can once again take advantage of the gifts the fireplace can offer, thereby making their fireside experience memorable.

Making The Most Of Our Hearth

Staying indoors during this lockdown can increase the electricity and gas bills hence using our wood and charcoal hearth as a stove could both be fun and economical: the keyword during this pandemic period being innovative and economical. Our fireplaces could also serve as a romantic spot where we could make memories of a lifetime or a family bonding spot with loved ones to recount our lives sans COVID-19 pandemic or just a quiet place to get away from the rigors of our daily lives.

Changing The Fireplace

This period may be offering us the chance to give her beloved fireplace the much-needed cleanup, upgrade or even redecoration. This in turn can create a new CVID-19 stay-at-home activity for us and our loved ones. Preparing and having a fireplace picnic during the day could help integrate and provide a welcome change in our daily activities. Children could be taught new decoration techniques with the fireplace as our work space. Summer themed decorations could serve as adjuncts in our cleanup activities. Considerations about changing the finishings of our fireplace may also be made.

The Fireplace And Our Safety

In as much as we are trying to ensure that our fireplace plays a pivotal role in our lives during this stay-at-home period, ensuring fire safety and decreasing the risk of fire outbreak is essential. It is necessary to ensure that there are no flammable items around the fireplace and all fuel sources stored away from children. It is also necessary to have a fire guard around in case of hot embers and sparks which might erupt from the fireplace. For those who may need a fireplace it is highly recommended you choose experienced and seasoned brands which can offer both safety and usability while giving you the much-needed aesthetics.


Finally as we all battle to stay safe during this period, it is essential that we make the most out of our time indoors so as to create fireside memories which will last a lifetime. The fireplace has always been a place of warmth and cosiness during winter so why not make necessary changes to yours ensure that it also sees you through this moment of difficulty. So stand up, go to your fireplace and take note of the necessary changes you need to make; do the ones you can and wait to show your appreciation for the fireplace after the COVID-19 stay-at-home order is lifted. Stay safe.

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