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electric fireplace
24 July 2020
Electric Studio – Coming Soon

Fireplaces have been a common scene in homes since the pre-medieval period. They serve as heat sources on a cold winter night, stoves for cooking and even a space for laundry drying. Over the centuries however several modifications have been...

24 July 2020
Coronavirus Stay-at-home: Fireplace Advantages

Introduction: The Pandemic As the world is ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home order in most cities is being extended, most people get bored since they are temporarily out of work. This change in lifestyle therefore begs the...

warm fireplace
24 July 2020
Hearth and Home: The Enduring legacy of Fireplaces

I’ve always been fascinated with fireplaces. We had one in our home while growing up and I can remember sitting all day by the fireplace, just staring at the fire, watching it consume everything that crossed its path. Children have...

24 July 2020
The Fireside Company: Sustaining The Fireplace Heritage

The fireplace is one tradition that has lasted and survived the Stone Age up into this present time. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors relied upon holes to create fireplaces. It was a necessity, serving as the main source of...