Best Modern TV/Media Walls with Built-in Electric Fireplace

calendarNovember 22, 2021

Are you ready for a makeover for your bedroom or living room? This article will share great TV/media walls with built-in electric fireplaces that come with excellent finishes and style and, of course, an attractive price.

A fireplace is an excellent device that improves your space and creates a warm and welcoming vibe. Before now, functional fireplaces were challenging, especially for apartments, because you would consider having different positions for your TV and fireplace. Now you can buy a TV stand with a built-in electric fireplace that makes all the difference.

Consider the smoke-free, vent-free and zero-emission heat source that is also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Electric fireplaces also heat your room efficiently and offer incredibly customizable features. Compared to gas or wood-burning fireplaces, the electric fireplace doesn’t require that you chop wood or hook up to a gas line. You only need an electric outlet, and surfaces won’t get hurt, making them more child-friendly.

However, you can even take a step further to choose TV stands with a built-in fireplace. These systems combine your TV needs, and you won’t have to bother about having an off-centre gas fireplace that makes your room unbalanced. You won’t also have to remove the fireplace entirely, which might negatively influence your home’s assessed value.

Installing a modern TV/Media wall with an in-built fireplace might be the best solution. This will modernize your room, making it feel less cluttered and bring symmetry to your home. These built-in solutions are also available in diverse shapes and sizes suitable for all kinds of spaces and TV selections. But you need to understand how these electric fireplaces work, their benefits, features to look for, and other factors to make the best choice for your home,

So, In this post, you’ll learn about

– How do electric fireplaces work?
– Why get a TV Stand with an electric fireplace?
– Best modern tv/media walls with built-in fireplace
– How to choose the best tv/media walls for your home

How do electric fireplaces work?

To make an excellent decision, you need to understand how electric fireplaces work. Usually, they create a flame image through projected LED lights onto a screen to form a pattern. Some will have more LED lights than others, creating a vibrant and detailed flame that looks even more realistic.

At the same time, your electric fireplace may have a built-in heater that you can use at any time of the year. This built-in heater allows you to adjust the intensity of the heat seamlessly. However, unlike a gas fireplace, it might have a single (or dual outlet) that releases the heat into your home (and not into your electronics). Many of these devices also come with thermostats to prevent your home from overheating while helping you maintain the same temperature around your home. This would equally keep your energy bills to the minimum, helping you save money. Compared to gas and wood fireplaces, electric fireplaces can help you save on energy bills.

Regardless, it’s crucial to note that not all electric fireplaces have heaters. Some only create the flame images without producing any heat at all.

Why Get a TV Stand with an Electric Fireplace?

1.   A single focal point and maximum use of space

One of the greatest advantages of a built-in fireplace beneath your TV is that you can enjoy a single focal point in your home. This simplifies your furniture arrangement. It gives you many other options to arrange your entire home away or around these two devices without two potentially competing focal points in your home. Plus, this allows you to maximize space in your home, as it combines your TV stand, fireplace and entertainment centre in one spot.

2.   No smoke problems as seen with gas fires

Usually, it is not recommended to have a gas fire beneath your TV because of smoke and heat problems. However, your electric fire comes without this problem. With the vent-free, smoke-free emission, you can enjoy your TV and electric fireplace seamlessly. This is because even when electric fires emit heat, the heat goes outwards and will circulate the room instead of going upwards into your TV set. Plus, your electric fireplace will not become too hot to touch, except for the section where the hot air is being released.

3.   Easy to operate

TV stands with built-in electric fireplaces are easy to operate. It comes with customizable features, and many can be operated by remote, allowing you to adjust the flames realism and heat output. Many of these Tv/media stands will also come with smartphone apps, making it easier to control and view all settings from your comfort.

4.   You can use your electric fireplace all year round

Depending on your selected built-in electric fireplace, you can use your electric fireplace all year round, even if as a feature in summer. You will turn off the heater at that time but still enjoy the pleasures of watching simulated logs burn in your fireplace.

5.   Safety isn’t an issue

Electric fireplaces are very safe. They don’t smoke or smell, and many models come with exclusive fire-prevention technologies. They equally have thermostat controls that turn off and on the system to prevent overheating.

6.   Electric fireplaces rock!

Adding a fireplace TV stand duo does not just provide an alternative heat source in the room. From an energy efficiency standpoint, you will enjoy that you won’t overheat the house and use loads of extra resources. This means you can heat a small room more efficiently than with a traditional fireplace. The endpoint is feeling dry and cosy – instead of chilly and damp.

Best Modern Tv/Media Walls With In-built Fireplace

1.  Dimplex Vivente 150


– LED: Advanced optiflame 3D LED effect
– Bluetooth remote connection with the Flame Connect app gives complete control over the many features and flame effects from your comfort zone
– Back panel options: Assortment of 4 liner options for rear panels to suit your decor
– Fuel bed options: A selection of crystal pieces, ash dust and ceramic logs for fuel bed design
– Eight built-in illumination settings, including a fully customizable setting
– It comes with a secondary heating element with 1.5 kW heat output with a thermostat.
– You have three layout options: a single glass panel for front-facing fire, two panels for dynamic corner install, and three panels for a complete panoramic fireplace
– Real flame crackling sounds and an assortment of ultra-realistic flame effects

Dimplex Vivente offers one of the best built-in electric fireplaces. Their exclusive electric fire ranges include 750, 1000 & 1500 (Vivente 75, 100, 150) according to your preferred TV stand width. The Vivente 150 is the largest of the series. It covers over 150cm in width for your fireplace and is ideal for grand spaces. Don’t forget that the Vivente 75 and 100 are equally great selections for smaller apartments.

Regardless, Dimplex Vivente 150 offers over eight different flame settings using the innovative optiflame 3D electric fire effect and realistic cracking sounds tailored to your home. With this 3D effect, you can watch realistic logs dance on and behind the logs and fire glass. You will enjoy the Flame Connect app, which quickly adjusts the flame intensity, colour, and heat output. In summer, you can always turn off the heat and keep enjoying that stunning flame effect.

Why choose the Vivente 150 built-in fireplace?

– Vivente offers an incredible range of electric fireplaces ideal for all spaces.
– They are also the oldest and most revolutionary brands when considering electric fireplaces.
– The Vivente 150 built-in fireplace especially brings a wide assortment of colour themes, flame effects and crackling sounds, so you have control over the mood in your home.
– It also comes with anti-reflection glass that allows you to watch the stunning fire optimally.
– You will love that it has a 7-day programmable timer, so your home remains temperature and mood controlled.
– You can also save up to 11% on energy when using this electric fireplace.

2.  iRange i1500e


– 7-day timer setting: It allows you the flexibility to program your fireplace with precise timing for your daily or weekly needs
– Three primary fuel bed colours; hot blue, warm amber or a stunning combination of both colours
– EcoDesign compliant; Your energy-saving fireplace comes with thermostatic controls that turn your fireplace on and off at any time to maintain the temperature you desire.
– Remote control: Comes with thermocontrol so you can control your electric fireplace from a single
– Secondary heat settings:5kW maximum heat output
– Four mood settings with diverse flame sizes and brightness.
– You will also have optional mood settings that control the lightning of the area surrounding your fire
– All colour themes offer a palette of over thirteen glorious colours to customize your fire’s natural flame effect to match your decor and mood handset.
– You can also have tailored bed options to make your fireplace fuel bed look like ultra-cool ice or traditional

iRange offers a great range of eco-friendly electric fires with incredible flame effects in three colour options (hot blue, warm amber, or combining both colours). The i1500e I-Range is the largest built-in electric fireplace in the i-Range excellent for larger rooms and spaces. Here’s an energy-saving fireplace that allows you to enjoy a realistic flame even without heating. It also comes with plenty of storage space and an anti-reflective window on the front and sides, depending on the design you choose.

With this built-in fireplace, you can control all the flame speed, colour and brightness settings using a remote control. That way, you can enjoy realistic flame effects and keep your room at a constant temperature.

Why choose the iRange i1500e built-in fireplace?

– Although all-electric fireplaces offer significant energy savings, iRange promises to deliver more bangs on your buck. iRange electric fireplaces are designed with energy savings as the focal point.
– iRange also offers a wide variety of colour themes for your flames and their surroundings so you can build the fireplace of your dreams.
– You can equally tailor your fireplace to look like the traditional set-up, which is a popular choice

3.  Evonic fires


– Flame effect; ranging from 495 to 1506 mm evoflame flame effect depending on the model
– Heat output; Secondary heating element with either 750 or 1500W heat output which is ideal for small and large spaces
– Fuel bed design; Available in traditional colours of silver birch and woodland split logs
– Assorted selection of effect styles and sizes to design just the fireplace that suits your decor
– It comes with an e-smart cloud app for control
– Over six pre-set flame animations and six coloured effects
– Two or three-sided conversation panels are available

Evonic Fire has a unique range of built-in fireplaces designed for homes of all shapes and sizes. It includes E-smart, e-series and traditional models, giving you all the selections for any decor or taste. The Evonic Motala and Stora DS are e-smart models (controlled by an e-smart cloud app) and offer an overbed illumination alongside a 120mm flame effect. You will also enjoy that the Evonic Motala, Tyrell, Kiruna, Avesta, Karlstad, and Linnea models especially comes with pre-set flame animations offering more selections of realistic flames for your viewing pleasure. The Lindstrom model especially comes with independent fuel bed settings, dual-sided header and two-sided tunnel fires to maintain the temperature and settings you wish for.

Why choose Evonic fires?

– All Evonic fireplaces are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
– Evonic fires come with anti-reflective glass (at the front, sides, or both), increasing viewing pleasure.
– You can equally select your preferred flame length and illumination over the ‘wood logs’, making it easier to build your dream fireplace.
– You can also choose from various animations and colour themes to create the fireplace that suits your decor and mood.

4.  Faber Matrix


– Lighting module; LED
– Remote control: e-MatriX
– ITC control; No
– 14 decor designs categorised into log set, acrylic ice and white Carrara pebbles.
– 14 Assorted view types; grouped as two-sided, front, see-through, three-sided and room-divider fire viewing types.
– They work with the free Faber ITC V2 App that connects by Bluetooth and allows you to personalize the glow above and below the females alongside the secondary electric heating (in appliances that have one).
– All you need is a regular socket and an ultra-thin flexible water hose.
– It is designed to produce ultra-realistic flames without the actual heat
– It comes in both landscape and portrait designs
– Three-dimensional flame effect beginning from the glowing bed of logs.

Faber e-Matrix is your top choice for enjoying ultra-realistic electric fire without heat or gas connection. Besides this, your Faber e-Matrix fires create sound and fire effects through electricity, LED lights and water mist to achieve healthy humidity in your home. You will especially love the unique Faber flame effect, which is an intricate design and can be tailored to meet the ambience and decor in your home. The Faber e-Matrix series offers over 14 different view types categorized into two-sided, three-sided, front, see-through and room divider designs. Most units especially don’t come with a secondary heating feature, but the e-Matrix 1050 – 400 I, e-Matrix 1050 – 400 II, e-Matrix 1300 – 400 II, e-MatriX 1300 – 400 I and e-Matrix 1300 – 400 III comes with a secondary heating feature with a maximum of 2kW.

Why choose the Faber e-Matrix built-in electric fireplace?

– It comes with a remote control allowing you to personalize your viewing pleasure and adjust the heating element.
– Faber e-Matrix fireplaces are excellent selections when you only want a fireplace without the heating component.
– Excellent for complex and sensitive climate-control systems in the house.
– Maintenance is easy; You only have to clean the glass frequently with only the need for a periodic service by the fire specialist.

How to choose an electric fireplace TV stand?

1.   Viewing angle

One of the biggest concerns about placing a TV over a fireplace offers an uncomfortable viewing angle. This can be true as before now, it was easy to make the mistake of mounting your TV over the fireplace above eye level when seated. Therefore, it’s also essential to consider the height of your chairs or sofa when considering the viewing angle for your TV stand. That way, you can place your TV stand with a built-in fireplace at a position that allows you to maintain a comfortable and realistic position when watching the TV.

2.   Size of TV

Ensure that the size of your TV is to scale with the fireplace. Therefore, it shouldn’t extend more than 1 inch over the fireplace. This does not just add symmetry but is equally ideal for safety reasons, so there’s less chance that your TV will be bumped or accidentally knocked over. Don’t also forget the weight limit for your console electric fireplace. This limit is usually approximately 150 lb – 200 lb weight limit.

3.   TV height

Placing isn’t just enough. You should invest in the proper type of TV mount that can help you eliminate unnecessary neck strain. Generally, mounting the TV seems to be like hanging a mirror or picture. But you can use a mount that moves. Specifically, when you want your TV above a fireplace, you should go for either a tilting Tv mount or a full-motion TV mount. A tilting TV mount ensures that you can tilt your Tv downward when using it.

Once done, your TV should go back to its flush position. In contrast, a Full motion TV mount allows you to tilt your TV, but this time you can tilt your TV as far away from the wall as possible, depending on where you are in the room. In the same light, you can also put the Tv back to its original place against the wall after you are done using it.

4.   Flame realism

How realistic would you want the effects of the flames of your TV stand and built-in fireplace to have. What settings would you like it to be, and how would you change the colour, brightness and speed?. Do realize that different brands have their unique flame effects. Some offer 3D products, while others have created an ultra-realistic screen of water mists and LED lights.

5.   Electric outlet placement

You can install electric fireplaces just about anywhere. However, do ensure you only install indoor models for the appropriate purpose and outdoor models for the exterior of your home.

6.   Electronic accessories/components

Don’t also forget to consider other electronic components and accessories that you will need for your TV. Will you have a stereo system, DVD player, cable box and gaming consoles? Would you also like to display decorations or pictures there? Think about the amount of available storage space you will require. This will help you fine-tune the features and size you will need for your TV/Media console electric fireplace. Generally, it would help if you searched for models that allow you to maintain a proper cable management system, so your decor remains uncluttered. Consider TV stands with open shelves as they are incredibly versatile and space-efficient.

7.   Heat output

You need to consider how far you wish to go in heating your room. Most electric fireplace TV/Media walls have integrated heaters to warm your home. But some offer more heat than others. Usually, electric fireplace TV stands use conventional fan heaters that can heat up to 400sqft. In truth, a 120-volt fireplace can heat about 400 sqft. However, many other electric fireplace TV stands can warm areas up to 1000 sq ft.

8.   Other features to look out for

Remote control is one feature you might consider. If you love the idea of a multi-functional remote that allows you to control the heater and flame settings from the comfort of your seat, then our list above can help. Some equally have smartphone apps which means you can adjust settings at your convenience. Some electric fireplaces may also have thermostat control, making it easier to keep your room at a set temperature. In this case, the heater will turn itself on and off to maintain that desired temperature.

Concluding Thoughts

So, are Tv stands with built-in electric fireplaces worth it? Absolutely. We have talked about their importance and factors to consider when selecting your units. You can also shop through our recommended list of brands and models that will cover various explosive features suitable for all homes and tastes. In the end, TV/media walls with built-in fireplaces offer just the right equipment to house your entertainment centre, fireplace and TV at one place in your home. This means you have more selections of places to install that fireplace without worrying about space, and you won’t have competing spots in your home. Beyond design, electric fireplaces are energy efficient, and you can tailor your fire and flames to your desire at any time.

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